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  1. Thanks I need such funny things too yes Nice to see you. Is all fine with you?
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    I think you might be interested ..
  3. Thanks honey :*
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  6. Thank you. I'm proud to have been nominated
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    It's nice that "the journalist report led to the end in any case." Good or bad, the truth or a provocation, but she expressed an opinion, and this opinion was obsuzhdaemo ... "Corner Safir" was not just a newspaper, and binder. Here, and maps and reports, gossip, and speculation, and jokes, and looked through the video ... it can be seen the sequence of events and the readers to know the opinion of the situation. Readers awaited new releases, they were wondering why and help with translation had. Orientation 'Corner Safir "- coverage of the events in the gray zone. The good news is that ventured happened.
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